I am by no means a chef, but give me a recipe and I can make anything. Lately I have been looking online at recipes and holy moly do I ever feel inspired. Unfortunately, I am moving in a week so I can’t go do a big grocery shop, but a girl can dream!

As much as I love grilled veggies, lets get real. I way rather be eating creamy pastas!

Delicious Creamy Orzo with Asparagus & Parmesan… I would love to curl up with a bowl of this pasta and a fuzzy blanket and watch a sappy movie




Cheesy Quinoa. This is dish is like mac&cheese,                                                                        who doesnt love that?                                                                                                        AND because it’s made with quinoa, it’s better for you!

So this is how I procrastinate. I am super addicted to pinterest (follow me!) I spend a lot of time just surfing around looking at delicious foods – and so much more! Give these simple tasty recipes a try (i have links below)… I guarantee you love ’em!

love always – Emmi 

Grilled avocado/Grilled zucchini/Creamy orzo/Cheesy quinoa