I don’t usually have a sweet tooth but every now and then I really enjoy a treat. I also love love LOVE baking!

These are some of my favorite treats to eat while I get all curled up & watch a movie…

COOKIE-DOUGH-POPSICLE – made with almond milk, low fat and low cal!      BLUEBERRY-BAKED-OATMEAL – bake once & enjoy for a week                                 SOFT-SUGAR-COOKIES – quick, cute, delicious                                                      COOKIE-BOWL – ummm, perfect for ice cream?                                                      BLACKBERRY-PIE-BARS – so unbelievably tasty


love always – Emmi



Despite staying up way too late skpying with the greatest women I know (besides my mother) I woke up singing “I’m walking on sunshine”… Today has so much potential for greatness. It has been a while since I felt so chipper in the morning, I am super welcoming to the change!


  • shower
  • make coffee
  • make blueberry pancakes
  • write essay
  • pack up life and get ready for move

Realistically I wish that list said lay in bed and watch movies but I am trying to have a productive day.

You know the expression ‘if you want to get something done ask a busy person”? I totally get it. Lately I have had so much free time I get nothing done, I keep telling myself ‘you have all day tomorrow and the next day and the day after that…’ and then I never get around to anything

I got distracted making my pancakes and the kinda turned into this…


With enough syrup it isn’t even bad.

love always – Emmi