First off let me just say I love being single!

Things I miss about having a boyfriend:

  • cuddles – I have the best stuffed elephant for that (see photo)
  • texting about all the stupid things that happen to me throughout the day – I have the best girl friends in the whole world for that

nuff said, I miss nothing. Ellie and I will be fine sans beau

the bestest cuddle buddy in town

One of the saddest things, in my opinion, is when people jump into relationships young and stay in them. I mean power to you if you can fall in love (and stick with) your ‘high-school-sweetheart’ I’m really not trying to bash that. I just cannot fathom falling in love with someone in highschool and staying with them my whole life. I am speaking from personal experience when I say the kid I was back then is not the same person I am today. I have grown so much since I’ve graduated and I have changed a lot about myself. I truly believe your 20’s are for self development and figuring out who you are, heck maybe even part of your 30s’s! I’m not saying swear off love either. I just think you need to be confident with the person you are before you can commit yourself to someone else. I think many, too many, young people feel they need someone in their life to help them feel justified and important.

  • Dont grow into the person you think your significant other wants you to be (odds are it will happen subconsciously) BE YOUR OWN PERSON
  • Dont hold onto the person from the past. I bet you have both changed since you were teens. Are you in love with the person you are with right now, or are you in love with the person they were when you met?
 love always – Emmi